Amy Gilles teaches Studio Art at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho. She is originally from the Midwest, where she graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with her Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting. Amy is passionate about being outdoors and much of her own artwork focuses on the experience of walking and coming to know and feel connected to a particular landscape by moving through it. Her work has been shown in Chicago and throughout the Midwest.

When not on a hike or a bike ride, Amy loves working with students in the studio, classroom and individually. She loves ideas, discussion and the creative process in general and is continually learning and exploring along with her students.

You can view her current resume below:


 Studio Shot


  1. I wonder if you’d be willing to be interviewed for a possible web article about walking, collecting, Situationists, and the routine shapes we make in our lives. I live in Urbana and am pursuing a BA in Sustainable Communities from Goddard College in VT. send me an email!

  2. Hi! Came across your website after looking at some NNU links and chatting with Jamie… I used to work at NNU and wanted to tell you I hope you are enjoying it! I really enjoyed looking at your work, it’s thoughtful and beautiful. The material presence of the physical world (in your found and created objects) is both mundane and full of poetic connections. Lovely. Best- Amanda

    • Hello Amanda,
      thank you so much for your kind comments! I really appreciate them a great deal!
      Being at NNU has been both wonderful and difficult, as many things in life tend to be. : ) I love the campus, everyone in the art department and working with the students but being away from my Chicago home and adjusting to a totally new part of the country has been hard.
      I hope you are feeling settled in your new position and that you and your family are adjusting well! I continue to hear wonderful things about you from many different people and I occasionally find little things in your office that make me smile! : ) I think we would have been friends!

      All the best,

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